What do I win?

We have a legacy of handing out totally awesome prizes provided by our generous race partners including mountain bikes, VIA rail trips, flights to the Yukon, experiences from Parkbus and Explorer's Tread, and excellent products from some of our local sponsors. Also, our local stone winners medals are also held in high regard! CHECK THIS OUT!

Where's the racecourse?

In 2022, all courses will be based out of, and will finish in, Wiarton's Bluewater Park. Subaru Long Course, Suntrail Course, Run Duathlon and Summer House Park Kids Race all start and finish in Bluewater Park.

Will there be water/food anywhere along the course?

The Transition Areas (TA's) are where you switch from one stage to the next in a multisport race. The TA's will be stocked with water, electrolyte mix, and first aid equipment, be staffed by volunteers who are trained in the race emergency management plan, and there will be a portable toilet or two. That's about it! There will be no food provided, nor or any race snacks available for purchase. It's up to you to pack with the appropriate snacks and food if you require them. You're also strongly encouraged to pack any medication you may require.

I swore I lost something at the BPMR! Have you seen it?

Please contact us here if you lost an item at a previous race.

How do teams work?

The team event always works a bit differently in the shorter courses than it does in the Subaru Long Course. See below:

How does the Subaru Long Course Relay work?

The Subaru Long Course has 5 stages: two are mtb, two are run and one is solo kayak. A relay team will be in charge of their own transportation. Teams can range from 2p to 5p, but each person must do at least one stage. They can hand-off wherever they’d like, and as often as they’d like, as long as the handoff is at a designated transition. They must check in with the transition official at each transition. With these rules, they may divide the Subaru Long Course as they please.

How does the Subaru Long Course Tandem Team work?

A tandem team of 2 will compete together on the same Course as the solo Subaru Long Course racers. Tandem teammates bike together (on separate bikes), run together, and complete the paddle together in tandem kayaks or canoes, or single kayaks.

How does the Suntrail Course Teams work?

The Suntrail Course has 3 stages. A team of 2 will compete in the same canoe for the first leg, then bike together (on separate bikes) for the second leg, and then run together on the final leg. Your team time will be recorded when the second teammate arrives over the finish line. Team members must stay a maximum of 10m from each other at all times.

How Long is the Subaru Long Course?

In the past, it's been between 93and 107km long and usually takes 6-12 hours to complete. It can differ in distance every year because the organizers' ultimate goal is to build a unique, spectacular course, not necessarily to stick to a round number. If that's just too much racing, be sure to check out the equally spectacular, more achievable Suntrail Course (2-3h to complete) or do the Subaru Long Course with a buddy or two by racing relay. Or lend a helping hand by volunteering and get the best spectator seating in town... plus volunteer perks! There’s also the Summer House Park Kids Adventure Race, fun activities at the finish line in Wiarton's Bluewater Park, and lots of fun all around the Bruce Peninsula during race weekend.

I don’t own a boat, is this race for me?

We havea fleet of rental kayaks and canoes courtesy of the great people at Suntrail in Hepworth as well as Explorer's Tread in Lions Head, butthey book up quicklyshortly after registration opens. Any other rental info is on this website under "rental gear". IMPORTANT: Registration refunds will not be provided on the basis that the organizers cannot confirm your boat reservation.

Note: All Sprint Course & Subaru Long Course participants have to have some paddling experience in advance of the race, and have to sign an affidavit of skills. Racers signed up to Run Duathlon, of course, do not!

I don’t have a good enough MTB, is this race for me?

At this time, our Mountain Bike rentals are unavailable. Registration refunds will not be provided on the basis that the organizers cannot confirm your bike.

Is it necessary to ride a Mountain bike?

Pretty much! All our courses include a significant portion of trail riding, so you will want to bring your mountain bike, preferably with suspension although not mandatory. Considerations include very rocky trails, mud, and steep, uneven descents. Access points are often quite far away if there's a breakdown. We strongly discourage using any bicycle with thin tires, even on the sprint courses, as you may find long sections unrideable. IMPORTANT NOTE: Road bikes and Cyclocross bikes are NOT allowed on the Subaru Long Course, and not recommended for Suntrail Course & Run Duathlon. A recently-tuned Mountain Bike is actually part of the mandatory gear for the Subaru Long Course, but we do not want anyone to have to walk their bike out of the woods so please consider using a recently-tuned and reliable mountain bike for a enjoyable race experience for the sprint courses as well. All Kids Race participants need to bring a suitably-sized bicycle.

What’s the Kids Race?

The SUMMER HOUSE PARK Kids Adventure Race is a fun event run entirely within Bluewater Park, benefiting New Hope Community Bikes. It is timed as best as possible to allow you to finish the Suntrail Course or duathlon and cheer on your kids. If you absolutely rock the Subaru Long course with a good time, you may arrive in time as well. Specific details are HERE

Can I paddle a SUP or a tandem kayak in Suntrail Course?

On the Suntrail Course, only canoes qualify for prizing in the team category & only solo kayaks, surfskis, SUP’s and Outrigger Canoes (OC1) qualify for prizing in the solo categories.

What's the minimum age?

We're requiring the minimum age for the sprint courses to 14+ if the racer is accompanied by an adult (either in a team or running in the same solo wave, so that the adult can properly monitor the energy levels and proper hydration of the youth) and 16+ if the racer is competing alone. This aligns our event more closely with the youth developmental standards of relevant sport bodies such as Athletics Canada and Triathlon Canada/Kids of Steel. The minimum age for the Long Course has been 18+ since inception.

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